From the Preacher's Desk


August 2, 2020                 

           The problem in everything; with everyone; involving every circumstance; realizing every reaction; dealing with all reality is always positioned, between the ears. In our mind is located the breeding ground where all battles and conflicts occur, which are won or defeated.
     When you notice people who are greatly disadvantaged in the most physical, financial, underprivileged or opportunistic way and who become successful; their biggest triumph was to overcome them mentally. Contrariwise, when beaten; the mind is defeated first, every time!
     “So as a man thinketh in his heart (mind), so is he” (Pro 23: 7), is penned for us, in the Holy Writ, to learn this most valuable lesson. Sadly, but consequently, most of the horrific failures have always and will be the simple fact, and the common denominator, which is the battle was lost mentally…regardless of what the challenge! Winners never quit; and quitters never win!!!